Whilst it seems evident that the Stadio San Siro is far from its best condition following a sequence of concerning events over the past couple of years, the representatives of both Inter and Milan, the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, and technicians of the company WeBuild are set to hold a meeting Friday at the Palazzo Marino to discuss the renovations of the Milanese stadium.

Calcio e Finanza, via FcInterNews, reports that both Milan and Inter aspire for major renovations and would like for the stadium to continue carrying out sporting events throughout the heavy-duty work. Whilst their desire is not considered completely impossible, there are quite a handful of conditions that must be assessed such as seat reduction and potential risks.

Whilst theories and hypotheses are spreading that two summers would be enough to complete the large project, both Milan sides are quite skeptical of these assumptions. As a result, the meeting on Friday will serve as a tool to understand the clubs’ stakes and to define the feasibility of the final product. WeBuild will aim to design a proposal that will integrate the necessities of both clubs

The Italian journal hints at the three possible plans that WeBuild could present to both Inter and Milan throughout their meeting on Friday.

The first possible proposal is a temporary solution, which involves a restructuring that aims to make San Siro usable for the next 10 years.

The second potential option is an aim towards a definitive renovation, which both Inter and Milan have already evaluated and expressed  before proposing the new San Siro in the same area in 2019, a project that was ultimately discarded due to logistical difficulties.

The third possible proposal, which is considered a sort of middle ground between the first two, is that WeBuild could put on the table a plan that involves minimal works , which would therefore allow the pair of clubs to have a refurbished facility while waiting to move into a new stadium, but leaving the door open to the possibility of a more substantial restructuring at a later date.