“Tajon is not a person who is always smiling- he plays with passion and intensity, but he is not one to smile all the time. Having said that, when he found out a deal with Inter was done, he was actually smiling!”

These were the words of Mike Senkowski, agent of Inter’s newest acquisition, Tajon Buchanan, in an exclusive interview with Italian journalist Simone Togna for FCInterNews. Tajon Buchanan has been an Inter player for some days, undergoing several training sessions with the team, being on the bench against Monza and now travelling to Riyadh for the Supercoppa Italiana.

The interview begins with Senkowski being asked when the interest from Inter first began. In an answer that has been common knowledge, the agent explains that Inter first expressed a liking for ‘TJ’ during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar- although nothing was concrete. Senkowski further expressed that “we understood that he could be a player who could fit perfectly into the Nerazzurri playing system and therefore that the possible transfer to Inter could be a perfect fit for Tajon”. High praise from Octagon Sports Agency’s Director of North American Soccer, who went on to mention that they had conversations with other clubs, but when Inter calls you, it is “simply beautiful”.

To continue, the tactical side of the move was brought up. When asked how Buchanan will fit into Inter’s 3-5-2 formation, Senkowski replied, “It’s perfect for him. He started his career as a striker and then as a winger. From Syracuse University he moved to the MLS. He had Bruce Arena, the former U.S. coach, as his coach and this is who played him as a winger. Then he showed great versatility in Brugge, precisely because he played as a winger and a full-back. Tajon is explosive in the attacking phase and has also improved a lot in the defensive phase thanks to the work of the last few months.”

Tajon, as he pointed out in his first interview as a new Inter player, is mentally strong. Senkowski underlined the importance that Tajon recognizes of requiring some time to adjust to the move. In Senkowski’s words, “Tajon knows perfectly well that he has to get to work. Then when the manager gives him the opportunity to play, he will give his all…as he always has done. His mentality is clear: ‘I’m here at Inter, I must always train at the top, impress my teammates and the coach, not expect anything and wait for my chance’.”

“When Inter calls you, it’s simply beautiful.”

-Mike Senkowski

Tajon Buchanan is the first Canadian international to play in Serie A. Senkowski describes Buchanan as a “special person” and a “golden boy”. He explains that Tajon “made his debut at the age of 19-20 for his country’s national team. He’s come a long way since he was young. Tajon knows the responsibility of representing his country in Serie A too. He deserved this opportunity because he is someone who always works”. Further, he adds that he believes Inter signed Tajon also due to his mentality as a player, as someone who is always looking to improve and give his all.

Finally, Mike Senkowski touches on why Tajon Buchanan chose Inter rather than a Premier League team, for example. Senkowski gives some credit to Inter manager Simone Inzaghi and the history of the club, explaining that, “having the opportunity to work with a manager like Simone Inzaghi is important and also because of Inter’s playing system. If we look at the history of the wingers that Inzaghi coached, they all did well. Furthermore, Inter is a historic club”. To end the interview, he states there was “no better place in the world than Inter” for Tajon.