Today, Giuseppe Sala, the Mayor of Milan, met with AC Milan President, Paolo Scaroni, Inter Corporate CEO, Alessandro Antonello and WeBuild General Director, Massimo Ferrari, to discuss plans to renovate the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

La Gazzetta dello Sport has reported numerous details that have come to light following this important meeting. WeBuild, the company entrusted with this potential project, will conduct a feasibility study over the next three months and June 2024 will be the “decisive month” for a decision to be made. For now, each club will have three weeks to compile and submit their requests for the new stadium, which include VIP seating areas, elevators/lifts, and modern washrooms, as well as updating the surrounding area outside of the stadium, including outdoor lounges and new commercial spaces. While both AC Milan and Inter are continuing to work on their own personal stadium options, Gazzetta reports that the clubs are always interested in hearing out this option and will listen to WeBuild’s plan in the coming months.

Following the meeting, Mayor Sala gave his thoughts on the situation and his words have been relayed by Gazzetta.

“The feeling is positive and now there is work to be done. Both teams have confirmed that in the coming days, they will provide the documents with their requests”, Sala began.

Speaking on the individual stadium projects of Milan and Inter, Sala ensured, “It is clear that I don’t expect the teams to slow down on alternative projects, I can’t ask for this and it wouldn’t make any sense. But it is clear that if WeBuild were to produce a good plan that meets the requirements, at that point I would expect a response from the teams. I’m sure that teams are looking at our option with interest, despite knowing that there are alternatives.”

On the timeline that this project would require, Sala answered, “This is just my opinion, but I’d say a couple of years. If they work in the summer months in shifts of 24 hours, WeBuild is convinced that they can do it. But no work could start this year. If all goes to plan, we could think about beginning work in the summer of 2025.”

Finally, Sala concluded with a statement that fans of both AC Milan and Inter will be very intrigued to hear about. For this particular project, Sala stated that, “In the best interests of both teams and the Municipality of Milan, we would work to find an agreement to sell the rights of the Stadio San Siro to the clubs.”

Very few teams in Italy own their own stadiums and this is a pressing issue in Italian football. Inter and AC Milan potentially owning their own stadiums, whether it is the San Siro or an individual project, would be a massive boost financially for both organizations.