According to major news agency Reuters, Oaktree Capital Management is working to extend the €275M loan granted to Inter back in 2021 before the deadline expires in May of this year.

In 2021, Inter was granted a major loan from Oaktree with a three-year maturity to help the club get back on its feet after the COVID-19 pandemic. This loan expires in May 2024 and as part of the terms agreed in the initial deal, would give Oaktree the potential right to take control of Inter in case of a default or the loan was not paid back in time. This has been a hot topic in the Nerazzurri world lately, as the future of the club depends heavily on this loan and whether Suning would be able to pay it off, refinance the loan, extend the deal or default and give up control of the club.

Reuters has revealed that Oaktree is working alongside Suning-appointed financial advisor, Goldman Sachs, on an extension of the loan. A particular source who remained anonymous according to Reuters explained that the terms of the loan agreement would be different than the initial loan and the maturity of the extension could be shorter than the three-year period on the initial loan deal.

To conclude, the article claims that Inter had attracted interest from potential investors “last year” but majority owners Suning denied at the time that any potential deal was in the works and nothing came of it.