The SoM Prediction League has a new home, but everything else is set to stay the same. For those who don’t know, before each Inter game, a Prediction League article is posted and all you need to do is tap into your powers of foresight, comment your predicted score, and answer a bonus question. Each week your point tally is added up based on your accuracy and the end product is our very own Prediction League.

Current Table

  • 2 points for guessing the correct result (win, loss, or draw)
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Inter goals scored
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Inter goals conceded
  • 1 point for guessing the total amount of goals
  • 1 point for the bonus question

Next Opponent: vs Empoli

Inter-Empoli Bonus Question: How many shots does Inter take (on or off target)? Two points for a perfect answer, 1 for within 3 shots.