With the lights just about officially turned off for good over at Serpents of Madonnina, one of the best and longest-running Inter communities on the Internet needed a new home. Thanks to Thomas and Simi at Inter Xtra, we’ve found it. Interisti aren’t Brothers of the World for nothing, and Thomas was kind enough to let us migrate over to the site he’s just getting started, https://interxtra.com/. While there are certainly some forced surface-level changes – SB Nation owns the name, logo, and URL of SoM – we expect everything else to keep running smoothly from game coverage (with a writing staff twice the size of SoM’s) to the comments section, which is what truly made SoM a community. That will remain the case over here, with the comments already up and running (so don’t worry, the Prediction League is here to stay).

Thank you to all of you for following us over here, and thank you to Thomas for giving us a new foundation for many more seasons of enjoying, suffering, and celebrating Inter together. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas for improvement, we’d love to hear them.

Forza Inter!